The A K Dermal Difference

A K Dermal Advanced Skincare, stems from over two decades of working with various skin concerns and types. Our range originated in the treatment room while performing advanced treatments. The initial goal was to ensure that after performing a treatment, a pure and non-toxic formula was to be applied that is going to treat the skin further. Each ingredient is extensively researched about its effectiveness and safety to the skin and body. We only use natural preservatives, are clean and non-toxic, are tested on human volunteers (not animals), are produced in small batches to ensure efficacy of active ingredients, and are clinical grade.
Each formula is clinically formulated in a Dermatology lab, designed and tested alongside other skincare specialists for optimal efficacy. The products are manufactured within Canada, our packaging is recyclable, and we use recycled materials for packing & shipping purposes where possible. 
With every measure that we take along the way, you can be confident about what you are including in your day to day routines!