Serums- A Daily Must!

Serums- A Daily Must!

If you haven't introduced a serum into your skin care routine, then your skin is missing out! You may think that using a moisturizer daily is going to do the trick, but the fillers in a moisturizer do not fully penetrated into your epidermis as much as you'd think. Most moisturizers contain various lubricants and occlusives to avoid evaporation in their formula. While moisturizers have amazing barrier protecting and moisture retaining effects to the skin, your skin isn't getting the full benefits. 


Now let's dig deep into serums. Serums contain concentrated formulas leaving out lubricating ingredients. They are liquid in consistency and are packed full of everything that your skin needs and loves. The best time to apply a serum is after you have cleansed and toned the skin. The liquid concentration is absorbed into the clean skin cells at a much faster rate thus having a treatment effect to the epidermis and dermis. 

Daily Use

Using a serum daily can balance dryer skin types, aid in reducing acne breakouts, aid in plumping and preventing fine lines, increase the water retaining properties of the skin, calm redness and irritations, and much more! For people with oily skin that find a moisturizer is too rich and heavy, a serum is typically all that they need to apply.

Our daily serums were designed with various skin concerns and mind. They can be layered for those with dryer skin, or the Antioxidant + Vitamin daily serum is excellent for those prone to acne breakouts. 

Check out daily serums to find the the perfect addition to your skin care routine!


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