Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Let’s be real here… there’s a ton of different foundations and concealer products on the market. How do you know what is right for you without trying out a bunch and potentially causing your skin to breakout like CRAZY!? I’m not going to tell you what is best for your skin because you may have found the perfect product for yourself that covers beautifully and doesn’t cause you to breakout. But I will guide you and educate you a little on why I recommend mineral cosmetics, and why I created our Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation.
So, we obviously know that mineral makeup is made up of minerals (duh haha)It mainly consists of crushed pure mica’s and oxides from the Earth which is then ground down into a very fine powder.
But why are minerals considered better for our skin? For starters mineral cosmetics have a natural SPF to them protecting our skin from harmful rays. You can get various SPF ranges, but naturally it will have a SPF of 15+. Another cool fact about mineral makeup is that it actually will calm and soothe your skin. For instance, after your receive a face treatment or had a vigorous exfoliation (Microdermabrasion), mask or peel, applying mineral makeup to the skin after will aid in calming the redness down. Neat right! Now you’re probably thinking, it’s bad to apply makeup right after treatments. Yes you are right, but…. now let’s get to the best quality of mineral cosmetics.

The Best Quality

It lets your skin BREATHE. It won’t set into the pores and clog them. It is the only form of makeup that you can safely apply after a skin treatment that allows your skin to still breathe after. It is excellent for acne prone skin because it won’t clog up the pores. I’ll give you an example of when I am performing a skin treatment on a client who is wearing regular foundation versus mineral based. When a client has regular foundation on, I need to wash their face roughly 3-4 times to get all of the residue off of their skin. Even after, if I’m doing a Microdermabrasion, makeup residue is still showing up in the dead skin cell canister. Not good right!? When a client is wearing mineral based makeup I only need to wash their skin twice. I always wash twice to ensure every last bit is off. Can you tell a difference in what would be more pore clogging?

Will it Have Enough Coverage?

Another thing that you are probably thinking is that, will there be enough coverage... Mineral cosmetics have come a long long way since the loose powders that left your skin looking sparkly and cakey. Our Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation has a buildable coverage and is mattifying. We also carry a bronzing powder to create contouring on your cheeks. Hooray!
This is why I tell every client that has any sort of skin concern why they should give mineral makeup a go. There are so many amazing benefits to using it on your skin!
Cheers! Alexandra
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